Steve was born, raised, and educated in Philly, and has lived and worked in the Philadelphia area for his entire life. The son of a laborer and a mom who gave up a career to raise her children, he attended Lincoln High School in Philadelphia where he graduated with honors.  He was the first person in his family to attend college, and after graduating with honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, he received his law degree from Temple in 1979.

Steve started to earn his own way in the world at age 14 with a job washing dishes in a restaurant; followed by stints as a busboy in junior high; and as a supermarket clerk and cashier from 11th grade through graduation from law school. While in law school as a full-time student he worked 3 part-time jobs to support himself and pay for his education – in the supermarket, and as a clerk at 2 law firms. He married in 1979, and in 1980 started his own law practice. In 1996 Steve and his wife adopted a baby girl from an orphanage in China.

His desire to help people in need, a passion for courtroom drama, and natural theatrical talent, all merged to provide the foundation for pursuing a career as a trial attorney when, as a teenager, Steve first saw the classic movie To Kill a Mockingbird.  He honed his skills in drama and musical theater, and in 1972 won the best supporting actor award in a statewide drama competition at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope. That year, as a high school senior, he was recruited for a production at Holy Family College in Philadelphia, and starring roles in dinner theater musicals followed.

Dedication and hard work have been the cornerstones of Steve’s life. While he has enjoyed considerable success as an attorney, he has never forgotten where he came from, and applies his core values of diligence, honesty, integrity, understanding, compassion, and patience to each client, and to every case.
Steven E. Wolfe Lawyer Bucks County


  • 1979 – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Supreme Court
  • 1981 – United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • 1981 – United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  • 1998 – United States Supreme Court


  • 1972 – Abraham Lincoln High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1976 – Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Bachelor of Arts
  • 1979 – Temple University School of Law, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Juris Doctor


  • Bucks County Bar Association
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Pennsylvania Association for Justice


  • Baseball
  • Travel
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Photography

Within the community, Mr. Wolfe has been active in the Levittown, Oxford Valley, and Newtown Exchange Clubs; the Bucks County Jewish National Fund; the Bucks County Chapter of the MS Society; Masonic Lodge Shekinah 246; Mercer-Bucks Families With Children From China; Bucks County Professional Network; and St. Mary Medical Center Foundation.